Recipe of Yummy Bullseye Toast 🎯

Recipe of Yummy Bullseye Toast 🎯
Recipe of Yummy Bullseye Toast 🎯

Hello everybody, welcome to our recipe page. Today I will show you how to make a special dish, Bullseye Toast 🎯. This is one of my favourite food recipe, this time i will make it a little bit tasty. This will be really delicious.

Bullseye Toast 🎯 Recipe.

You can cook Bullseye Toast 🎯 using 4 ingredients and 7 steps. Here is how you achieve that.

Ingredients of Bullseye Toast 🎯

  1. You need 4 slices of your favorite bread.
  2. Take 4 of eggs, scrambled.
  3. Take 4 slices of your favorite cheese.
  4. Make ready As needed of butter for coating.

Bullseye Toast 🎯 step by step

  1. Using a small rimmed glass, press down on each piece of bread to remove middle of each..
  2. Lightly butter both sides of each piece..
  3. Scrambled eggs in separate bowl. I add a little splash of milk and pepper and garlic powder..
  4. To a hot skillet place the bread in and then equally fill the holes with the eggs. It is ok if they seep out like mine did..
  5. Allow the eggs to set a bit and then flip to cook other side..
  6. Top each with cheese and allow to melt..
  7. That's it! Enjoy!.