Recipe of Ultimate Vegan Sweet Potato Salad

Recipe of Ultimate Vegan Sweet Potato Salad
Recipe of Ultimate Vegan Sweet Potato Salad

Hey everyone, I hope you are having an amazing day. Today I’m gonna show you a way to prepare a distinctive dish, Vegan Sweet Potato Salad. This is one of my favourite food recipe, this time i’am gonna make it a little bit tasty. This will be really delicious.

Vegan Sweet Potato Salad Recipe. Sweet potatoes, when roasted, are lovely in fall salads, keeping their shape well. Hope you enjoy this roasted Moroccan Chickpea & Sweet Potato Salad!

You can have Vegan Sweet Potato Salad using 8 ingredients and 6 steps. Here is how you cook that.

Ingredients of Vegan Sweet Potato Salad

  1. Make ready 2 of large sweet potatoes, cubed.
  2. Make ready 1/2 of red onion sliced.
  3. Take 3-4 tablespoons of olive oil.
  4. Make ready of Salt.
  5. Make ready 2 of ripe avocados, cubed.
  6. It’s 2 tablespoons of Apple cider vinegar.
  7. Prepare 1 tablespoon of honey or sugar.
  8. It’s of Sriracha hot sauce.

If your sweet potatoes are very large, you may want to cut the rounds in half so you don't have huge rounds, but in the case of our sweet potatoes, they were.Sweet potatoes aren't just a side dish anymore!However, the point of this post is to prove.Sweet Potato Chickpea Salad - A simple and healthy filling vegan and gluten-free lunch or dinner; made with red onions, parsley and a tangy lemon dressing.

Vegan Sweet Potato Salad instructions

  1. Preheat oven to 400 f. Line a baking sheet with foil..
  2. Toss sweet potato cubes with oil and season liberally with salt. Spread in a single layer on baking tray and bake for about 10 minutes.
  3. Turn the potatoes and add the red onions and bake until the potatoes are cooked through and the onions are soft.
  4. In a bowl, mix vinegar, honey (or sugar), and sriracha to taste..
  5. Combine roasted potatoes and onions with avocado and mix with dressing.
  6. Enjoy!.

I was actually a little skeptical of this recipe idea to start with, but my undying love of sweet potatoes won me over.Fresh and colorful vegan sweet potato salad topped with a delicious tahini dressing.To start with you peel and slice some sweet potatoes.

Sweet potato chickpea salad is on the menu for lunch today!After almost two years of traveling abroad it feels a bit odd to back at home.This sweet potato salad is so colorful and nutritious and it's the perfect meal to eat on the go.I'm following a high carb vegan diet and I feel awesome, but I eat healthy carbs, not the refined and processed ones.Sweet potatoes are a great potato alternative, they have a lower glycemic index.